The work of our association

Tin figures / moulds


It takes many steps until the tin figure has found its proper place within the historical tableau. We cast flat tin figures of different size for dioramas and exhibitions. At first the figure has to be cast in a mould. We melt tin, lead and other metal in an oven with a specific alloy by filling the handmade slate moulds with heated fluid metal. Only figures in perfect cast are handed on to the further steps of production. After the cast they are polished and cleaned in order to be painted with oil colors. The coloration requests an entire clean surface. It takes patience and a skillful hand as well as a lighted magnifier. Although we produce figures in series we intend to give each figure an individual outlook – each stroke of the brush counts.

Constructing the dioramas

Bau der Dioramen

Dioramas have to be constructed to put the tin figures on display. We design these glass boxes by creating three dimensional settings of historical events. E.g. a steep slope, a roof, a window-sill or even garbage in the streets – we try to reconstruct everything in correct scale by using different tools, materials and techniques. Thus we intend to picture the past as realistic as possible. It might have been like that!


Sometimes bad alloy undergoes a process of decay named tin disease, especially when the temperature sinks below 17°. The duration of this process can take years, initially it cannot be recognized and finally it ends up in a few grey flakes as remnants. Step by step we replace these figures.

The guard in the tower

The Swabian Gate tower cannot be heated, therefore our museum is open only between the third Saturday of May and the third October. We are fond to explain our experiences to our visitors from all over the world. We are looking forward to see you, either in our workshop or in our museum. Just have a look or contact us by mail.